It's the power of some of the best and newest contemporary Christian music from Catholic artists that let's the joy of the Gospel reach every listener's ears! We have a great playlist assembled again for you this week. Our new featured artist from last week, Daniel Rolf, returns with another song from his EP "Turn to Mercy", along with Chris Bray, Mathias Michael, Shaun Garrison, Tori Harris and others.

We also debut a song from Marie Miller's new album! "Letterbox" is a 12 song album that is terrific from top to bottom, starting with "This Side of Paradise", a song we've been featuring on our playlists since its release as a single. While the album is a pop album and not a Christian music album, it does tackle some important Christian themes and truths that we want to share. The bottom line is her music is just too good not to play! We lead off the playlist with "Two to One", song about the truth of marriage.

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