3 new song debuts highlight playlist #194 of the Catholic Playlist Show!  Up first in the playlist is the debut of "Faithful" the newest single from ...View Details

We're back finally with a new Catholic Playlist Worship show!  It's been awhile in coming, but episode #113 offers some great music for your listenin...View Details

We're always looking for new music to share and this week's playlist doesn't disappoint as we have 4 new releases to share!  First is Dana Catherine'...View Details

We continue into the Easter season with playlist #192 and a selection of songs appropriate for the occasion.  We have Rita West with "Glory", Pasqual...View Details

Brand new music from Taylor Tripodi highlights our first Easter playlist of 2018!  "You Heard My Name" is the newest single from Taylor Tripodi and s...View Details

The week's episode rounds out Lent for 2018 with several great Lent-themed songs.  We have Danielle Rose with "Sharing Calvary", Collin Raye with "We...View Details

This weekend features the feast of St Patrick on Saturday, March 17, 2018, so we thought some Irish music would be appropriate for the playlist this w...View Details

More music for Lent in Episode #112 of the Catholic Playlist Worship show, as you'll hear selections from Jon Sarta, Katy Blythe, Kitty Cleveland, And...View Details

We're back this week with another new show to share the joy of the Gospel through the power of music. And for the first time in quite some time, we ha...View Details

Music for the 3rd week of Lent 2018 highlights the playlist for this episode of Catholic Playlist Worship.  Notable songs include “Walk Through The...View Details

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